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Breathe, maybe?

About Us

We believe that anyone, anywhere, should have the option to practice yoga regardless of age, ability, gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, or financial standing. We are committed to our roots as a by-donation studio and offer accessible pricing through a sliding scale whenever possible.

We encourage you to choose a pricing option that feels right for you and appreciate anything that you can contribute. If you are able, selecting a higher pricing option helps to keep our virtual studio, and park yoga classes, running, and contributes directly to our community by allowing us to share yoga through a “pay-it-forward” pricing model.

We believe in the transformative power of yoga and that finances should never be a barrier to your practice.

Summer 2023 for park classes included:

One Month Unlimited: $125

5 Class Pass: $100

Drop-in Park Class: $30

Keep track of your passes.  We work with an honour system.  


Urban Yogi


Being an urban yogi, to me, means living and embodying a city life while still staying connected to the people and spirituality around me.  What is our practice for?  We put ourselves into this strange shapes then try to calmly breathe but for why?  Sure.  Some of it may be physical.  The practice may be for relaxing our mind and to focus inward or to live in this single moment and breathe.  But I think the greatest benefit is how to stay calm and slow our inside (both mind and body) down when the challenges of life arise.  We are essentially practicing pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone in a controlled setting for those life moments in the future when we have no control.  Is it possible to learn to breathe through it now so we can breathe through it then?

I am profoundly grateful that I get to awaken each day and share what I've learned with others. I found physical strength and a more balanced, a peaceful mind, and a free spirit in my own life that I never knew could exist. I would like to share this experience of life with you and help be a guide in your journey - wherever it happens to go. Be it the physical practice or something beyond, my hope is that you can find what you are seeking and grow into something more as well. Namaste.

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